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Mustafa Akalin
Guggenmoosgasse 6a
D-84048 Mainburg

Get in contact with us!

Phone: +49 (0)8751 / 875429
Telefax: +49 (0)8751 / 875430

E-Mail: info(at)


Whatever you want

We improve your car's technics and optics. And it doesn't matter what type or brand of car you have or what kind of improvement you want.

We come to your place

Depending on the complexity of your desired service we can offer you to do the necessary changes convieniently at your place. Yes that's right: No matter if you live in London, Dubai or Italy we can come to your home and pick up the car and bring it back there once the changes have been mad. You don't have to care of anything. Ask for a individual quote!

You only want to buy parts - visit our online shop

We have all parts that are necessary for installations or upgrades, the navigation software and so on usually in stock. You can order the parts via our online shop. We always look to find the cheapest way to get the parts send to you - worldwide!